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       Hubei Tianbin Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in a beautiful historical and cultural city Xiangyang. It is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent grain and oil machinery manufacturing, grain and oil engineering process design, non-standard product production, complete engineering installation. The company has a number of invention patents and utility model patents. The company has the construction mechanical and electrical installation engineering professional contracting qualification and labor subcontracting qualification.

       The company has 6 senior engineers of grain and oil engineering, 18 professional and technical personnel of grain and oil engineering, 185 experienced installation engineers, can provide customers with one-stop service from design to installation and commissioning, with strong technical force and good reputation among users.

       The company has a professional R & D team and production and processing base with advanced and complete equipment. The production workshop is equipped with imported welding robots, CNC bending machines, several laser cutting machines and other advanced equipment.

       The company's main products are: lifting conveying equipment series; Rotary vibrating screen series; Cylinder early cleaning screen series; Sliding screen series; Circulating air selector series; Silencer series; Gate series. Non-standard products: warehouse series; Buffering tube series; Adjustable damper series; Air network pipeline series. The company can "customize" non-standard products according to customer needs.

       The company fully implements the "modular design", "factory production", "assembly installation", vigorously promote the "new process", "new technology". The company can according to user requirements "private customization" personalized factory.

       Adhering to the corporate culture of "down-to-earth life, conscientious work" and the leading philosophy of "honest and trustworthy, value service, innovation and development", Hubei Tianbin Machinery Co., Ltd. strives to become the most competitive professional grain and oil machinery processing engineering installation, matching provider, and tries its best to provide customers with high-quality "one-stop" service.

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